MT 165


Hand held Turbo for carpets, upholstery and carpeted walls and stairs

The benefits at glance:

MT 165, the perfect complement:
Ideal for cleaning carpeted stairs, car interiors and upholstery.

MT 165, carpet and upholstery refresher:
Agitates efficiently carpet and upholstery with its douple V-shaped PA brush roller.

MT 165, proven concept:
Based on the technology of the TK 280 and the functionality of the PT 160 a convincing concept has been developed.

MT 165 the „silent“ turbo brush:
Although working with high revolutions the noise level is pleasantly low.

MT 165, easy care:
All parts are easy to reach and clean due to convenient hinged opening.


· swivel cuff with international operation symbols
· movable suction opening
· ABS housing can be opened
· Roller brush is driven by an enclosed belt
· ABS cover with textured surface
· Double V-shaped PA brush
· Logo optional
· Strip brush PA or rubber blades available
· 160mm wide

Standard colours: RAL 9005 black, other colours on request

Diameters: Ø mm: 31,5  34,90
Taper: 1:16  1:50