RD 262

Vacuum cleaner nozzle for Canister and Stickcleaners

Adjustable for use on all carpets and hard floors

The benefits at glance:

Versatile Nozzle:
The RD 262 meets or exceedes all specification requirements for use with any vacuum cleaner on any floor

Superior Design:
The new design features of the RD 262 make it the ideal complement to any up-to-date vacuum cleaner

Special plastic materials and soft wheels guard against damage to furniture and floors

Superior suction results are achieved by the RD 262 which make it the optimum nozzle for any vacuum cleaner

Ist compact design and double swivel neck make the RD 262 easy to use and ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach areas and corner


· double swivel neck
· pedals to adjust for use on carpets or hard floors
· Two replaceable wheels at rear
· TPU blade at rear
· PP-Cover textured surface
· PP- alternatively PA brush strips
· Nickel-plated steel base plate has two replaceable lint pickers
· Logo optional
· 260 mm wide

Standard colours: RAL 9005 black, other colours on request

Ø mm: 29,75  29,60  31,50  32,00  34,90  36,65  38,23

Taper: 1:50  1:12  1:16  1:28  1:50  1:29  1:24

Other connections on request