RD 270/RD 270 P

Vacuum cleaner nozzle for Canister and Stickcleaners

RD 270 P with integrated polish pad
Adjustable for use on all carpets and hard floors

The benefits at glance:

The perfect Combination:
In addiction to its exceptionally low noise level, the RD 270 distinguishes itself with excellent cleaning results on all surfaces. Therefore the RD 270 moves effortlessly going either forward, backward, or even laterally.

Thorough Fibre pick-up:
Two Large-surface, WESSEL – WERK Quality, Lint pickers provide efficient pick up of fibers, lint and hairs

New & Unique Nozzle:
The RD 270 P ist he first patented hard floor nozzle with a changeable integrated felt pad for haard floors. The need of additional accessories is eliminated.

Family Appearance:
The RD 270 as the little sister of the RD 295 offers vacuum cleaner manuafactures a convincing opportunity for product differentiation.


· double swivel neck
· large 2K-roller at rear
· PP-Cover surface with two textures
· Plastic base plate with two large replaceable lint pickers
· Logo optional
· 270 mm wide
· brush strip in front, TPU-blade at rear

RD 270 P same as RD 270 but Plastic carrier with changeable felt pad at rear instead of TPU blade

Standard colours: RAL 9005 black, other colours on request

Ø mm: 29,75  29,60  31,50  32,00  34,90  36,65  38,23

Taper: 1:50   1:19   1:16   1:28   1:50   1:29   1:24

Other connections on request